Program Description

The Bachelor of Theology is a 120 credit hour program that gives the student a well-rounded knowledge of the Scriptures. Many Missionaries, Sunday School Teachers, Pastors, and Christian School teachers are learning from courses that are rich in Doctrine, Biblical History, and Practical Application. Students will learn Doctrine and History from Old and New Testament book studies, practical courses like Revival and Evangelism, and also Biographical studies of many Biblical Characters.


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Tuition Cost:

Administration Fee – $150.00
Tuition – $1800.00
Text Books – $150.00

Program Total Tuition and Fees: $2100.00

120 Credit Hours
Prerequisites:* None

Program Course Requirements:*

  • OT Survey I
  • OT Survey II
  • Prayer I
  • Prayer II
  • Systematic Theology I
  • Systematic Theology II
  • Cults I
  • Cults II
  • Survey of Jude
  • Survey of Jonah – Nahum
  • Survey of Romans
  • Hermeneutics I
  • NT Survey I
  • NT Survey II
  • NT Church
  • Haggai & Zechariah
  • Psalms I
  • Psalms II
  • Judges I
  • Judges II
  • Revival
  • Life of Paul
  • OT Biographies I
  • OT Biographies II
  • Evangelism I
  • Evangelism II

Students will be required to write three research papers as a part of their degree requirement. Topics will be given at the time of final interview for applicants. Students will choose from a list provided.
*Program prerequisites and course requirements may be changed at any time

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