Program Description

The Certificate of Theology program expands the students learning with courses that teach how to pray biblically, learning about different religions in light of true Christianity, the Biblical model of the Church, its offices and ordinances, and individual book studies from the Old and New Testament. It is designed for those going into full time ministry or who want to strengthen their faith and knowledge even more.


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Tuition Cost:

Administration Fee – $150.00
Tuition – $600.00

Program Total Cost: $750.00


Certificate Course Requirements:*

  • OT Survey I
  • OT Survey II
  • Systematic Theology I
  • Systematic Theology II
  • Survey of Jude
  • Hermeneutics I
  • NT Survey I
  • NT Survey II
  • Evangelism I
  • Evangelism II
  • Prayer I
  • Prayer II
  • NT Church
  • Revival
  • Temple Typologies I (Text book required)
  • Temple Typologies II (Text book required)

*Certificate requirements may be changed at any time

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