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Doctor of Theology applicants must satisfy the following:*

  1. Master degree in Theology, Ministry, Apologetics, Christian Education, Divinity, or Christian Counseling. Must be approved by Carolina Theological Seminary.
  2. Seven years of ministry experience. Life credits based on ministry experience and previous education, awarded on a per case basis
  3. A ministry practicum showing experience timeline along with copies of any credentials such as ordination or ministry license. Practicum should include three letters of reference from past or current ministry positions verifying their experience and character.
  4. A fifteen thousand word thesis. Topics will be provided by the seminary or approved if submitted by the student.
  5. Students will need to complete 55 credit hours of course work. Courses will be given to the student after initial interview.

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Tuition Cost:

Administration Fee – $150.00
55 Credit Hours @ $40.00 per hour = $2200.00

Program Total Tuition and Fees: $2350.00*
*There may be additional text book charges for certain courses

*Program prerequisites and course requirements may be changed at any time

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