Prison cell bars

What is it?

The Inmate Scholarship Program is a ministry of Carolina Theological Seminary that is provided to inmates nationwide. We allow inmates to take our Certificate of Biblical Studies 30 credit hour program at no charge to them. This program gives them an overview of every book of the Bible, basic Bible interpretation and how to study, and also teaches them major doctrines including the doctrines of God, Christ, Man, Salvation, etc.

Inmates, while incarcerated, can have a disciplined study of God’s Word that is self-study based and earn their Certificate with Carolina Theological Seminary. We receive many requests each month from inmates who wish to go through this program and our goal is to be able to fill each and every request.


One of the biggest mission fields we have in America is in our prison system. We receive letters telling of the hardships of new believers that are inmates, in finding Bible study courses that are available to them at no cost. We are committed, as a seminary, to reaching as many as we can in as many prisons as we can for the Glory of God!

Scholarship Team Membership

This ministry depends on inmate scholarships. You can provide a scholarship for the Biblical education of an inmate for the cost of $100.00. This includes their textbooks printing cost, shipping cost, and their printed certificate upon completion that they can display or send to their family.

Please consider helping us reach the inmates of this nation by becoming a member today. Your gifts are tax deductible.

Become a member of Carolina Theological Seminary and our Inmate Scholarship Program by simply signing up through the form and you can start impacting lives of inmates around the country.

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